Author name: Erik Marsja

PhD in Psychology, Linköping University. Main interest is experimental and cognitive psychology. Enjoy programming in Python and R.

TrialHandler – a PsychoPy tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the PsychoPy function TrialHandler to create trials and correct responses to your targets in these trials. PsychoPy is an application for creating experiments for Psychology experiments. The application is written in Python, an easy programming language to learn. You can learn more about PsychoPy in my

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Python apps and libraries for creating experiments

In this post, I will describe the existing free Python applications and libraries for creating experiments.  So far, I have only used PsychoPy, but I plan to test most of them. At least the ones that seem to be still maintained. All applications and libraries are open-source, which makes it possible to download the source

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