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On this blog you will find some short, and maybe some more extensive, Python and R guides and tutorials on data analysis, visualizations, and building psychological experiments. All posts are, more or less, my attempts to learn how to do the things in Python (mainly) or R.

My name is Erik Marsja and I’m a PhD in Psychology. My main interests are experimental and cognitive psychology. My current research deals with involuntary orienting of attention, multisensory attention and working memory, and how hearing loss is related to cognitive functioning

I am also interested in programming and statistics. Mainly in Python and R programming but I have some knowledge in VB6, Matlab & PHP. I often test several different methods to visualize data. The idea behind this site is to channel some of my interests. Perhaps mainly those who do not reach scientific publications.

If you are interested in my academic work you can have a look at my CV. Head over to the contact page and drop a word, or two, and we may do something awesome together in a near future!