Free & Useful Software – PsychoPy

PsychoPy This post will describe why I prefer using PsychoPy before other software. When I started getting involved in research (i.e., when doing my Bachelor’s and Masters theses) I used the software that was accessible for me. That is, some of the most commonly used software at the department I was studying at. After starting […]

Another Python script for randomization with constraints

In this post you will find a function I wrote solving a problem of randomization with constrains in Python. For a psychological experiment (a shifting/task-switching task) I am planning to conduct I needed a list of stimuli names quasi-randomized.  Fifty percent of the items in the list be followed by a stimulus in the same […]

Sustained Attention Task in PsychoPy

I have created a PsychoPy script for the Sustained Attention to Response Task (SART) and a Vigilance Task. Both of the tasks are very similar. In SART the task is to press the key space as fast and accurate as possible on all targets (digits 1, 2, 4–9) except for one (digit 3). In the […]

Collecting data with Scrapy

This rather long (counting the Python code) tutorial assumes that you are interested in scraping data off the web using Scrapy. It might also be limited to Linux. Scrapy can be installed using pip:

To create a new Scrapy project open up a terminal and create a directory where you will store your Scrapy […]